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Access to Tariff Information

DPI provides access to tariffs in accordance with U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Regulations. Three options are offered for access to the tariffs published by DPI:

- Free Access

Free access provides the enrollee with access to all tariff information we publish, excluding rates. Enrollment is required, but there is no charge for this access.

- Full Access

Full access provides the enrollee with access to complete tariff information, including commodities and rates. An access fee of $100 per month is required, with a minimum enrollment period of three months.

- DPI Member Access

DPI Member Access is a special access program that we provide for our publishing customers. It provides both web access to tariffs, and the option to download complete tariffs in Adobe PDF Format. It also allows our publishing customers to communicate with DPI via a user friendly "New File Request" process. This guides the user through the process of filing new or amended freight rates. Contact your DPI Account Representative or send us a message to obtain a UserID and Password.

Your Privacy

DPI collects some basic information for all accounts created on our website. We respect your privacy and we follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to guide our procedures on collecting, using, and protecting this information. Please review our DPI Online Privacy Policy at this link for more information: