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Introduction to DPI Services: NRA Management System (2:36)

Learn about DPI's NRA Management System


Are you looking for more in-depth instruction? Visit DPI's e-learning platform for videos and courses aimed at helping compliance professionals learn about US Federal Maritime Commission regulations. Visit DPI Courses at https://courses.dpiusa.com

Shipping Act Enforcement & FMC Regulations (7:02)


Introduction to DPI (3:52)


Learn about DPI and the products and services offered to our members.

Viewing FMC Tariffs (8:49)


Learn about the tariff navigation tools available on www.dpiusa.com to view tariff data quickly and easily.


New File Request Video Tutorial (12:26)


Learn how to use DPI's online New File Request process to request new or amended tariff rate filings on the web.

Watch the Mandarin Version (14:58)
请观看普通话版本 (14:58)

Viewing and Amending FMC Tariffs (9:48)


Tour the tariff navigation tools on our website, and explore the ability to AMEND your tariff data from the web.

Watch the Mandarin Version (10:01)
请观看普通话版本 (10:01)

New File Request - My Tariff Link (3:32)


Explore the connection between DPI's online New File Request process and the 'My Tariff' section of www.dpiusa.com.

Private Notes in FMC Tariffs (3:00)


This video explains an exciting new feature which allows you to add your own private notes to your rate filing requests.

NRAs and NSAs:

Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs) (6:38)


DPI's NRA Information Page provides a video tutorial on how to file NRAs using DPI's NRA Management System (NRAMS).

Watch the Mandarin Version (6:43)
请观看普通话版本 (6:43)

NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs) (8:21)


Watch an introduction to NSAs and DPI's helpful NSA tools and templates.

Watch the Mandarin Version (7:52)
请观看普通话版本 (7:52)

Other DPI Videos:

FMC Tariff Regulation:
Key Points for NVOCCs

key points

Key information points for NVOCCs relating to the tariff regulations of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC); updated 04Sep2018 to reflect recent changes to FMC’s regulation of NRAs and NSAs.

Household Goods in International Moves (2:14)


Useful information regarding the FMC regulations relating to international household goods movements.